Brian Brennan

Outstanding Service as an employee within Catholic Education

Brian Brennan has been a loyal and outstanding employee of Dominic College Glenorchy for the past 33 years, having been employed here since 1981.Brian came from a strong Catholic background, having been educated through the Catholic system in NSW.

At Dominic College, Brian was first employed as Teacher of Mathematics, Science and Technology in the senior section of Dominic College – that campus included Years 10, 11 and 12 – until the establishment of Guilford Young College (GYC). While at the senior campus of Dominic College, Brian was entrusted with greater responsibilities: from Years 11 and 12 Coordinator, to Assistant to the Deputy of that campus, to Deputy Principal of the senior campus. It was in that capacity that Brian in 1993-1994 took part in the Committee that established GYC.

In 1995 Brian moved to Dominic Secondary campus in Upper Tolosa Street, as Deputy Principal. Brian’s experience in the education of senior students proved invaluable in preparing younger students in Years 9 and 10 to make the right pathway choices for their future. In his new role Brian was instrumental in setting up a curriculum that provided the best opportunities to students to progress into higher education. At the same time, Brian took a more active role in the Catholic and Salesian culture of the school, taking on the teaching of Religious Education and actively promoting the liturgical celebrations and the outreach initiatives, as well as involving himself in many non-curricular activities.

Brian is a well-deserving recipient of the Award for his outstanding service to Catholic education.