John Mula

Director of Catholic Education in Tasmania

A Catholic Education is open to all students

Catholic schools reflect and celebrate the diversity of contemporary Tasmania and Australia. Our schools and colleges make a substantial contribution to society and to the Catholic Church in Australia and particularly in Tasmania.

Our mission is to be more than providers of high-quality education that advances the common good of society. We have a fundamental belief in the intrinsic value of each student based on a distinctive educational vision inspired by the example and message of Jesus Christ.

Through our Catholic identity and mission, and through the commitment of our staff, our educational programs demonstrate the integration between learning and living the Christian life. Our schools and colleges teach that a life lived in the love of God and in the Christian service of others has purpose and meaning.

Why choose a Catholic Education?

Quality teaching and quality education.
Catholic education in Tasmania has over 2000 teaching and support staff who are committed to giving our students the very best they can.  With collaborative approaches to teaching and learning, our staff strive for constant improvement in their own practices and in their students’ learning.

Care of Students
The individuality and uniqueness of each student is paramount.  Our Catholic school communities are places where the care for, and the individual attention to, all our students is valued and promoted. 

Vision and Values
As a Catholic school community, we focus on Jesus Christ: who he is, what he said and what he did.  His person and message give us our values for living and our vision for present and future action.

Moral Development
Living in a community demands right attitude and action. Catholic education endeavours to instill in students a way of life that is based on Catholic moral principles and teachings of the Gospel.

School Discipline
Catholic education encourages each student to be responsible for his/her own behaviour, patterning that behaviour on the respect and courtesy that all in the community deserve.

Parental Involvement
Catholic education acknowledges the importance and significant contribution of our parents in the education of our students.  Shared wisdom and decision making between the school and parent community are encouraged and practiced.