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From altar boy to television star

Thirteen year-old Thomas Readman from St Peter’s Church in New Norfolk has made his acting debut in this year’s most anticipated mini-series The Kettering Incident.

Filmed entirely in Tasmania, the eight part series began airing on Foxtel Showcase in July.

Thomas is included in six of the eight episodes, with a speaking role.

“They needed an average boy for the part and they asked me if I would like to go for an audition and I said yes.

“It felt really, really great that I actually got to be a part of something that was quite big,” he said.

Thomas said he first became interested in acting while attending St Brigid’s Primary School in New Norfolk, and was inspired to take up further acting training.

“I always had a very adventurous mind, so that’s why I got into acting. I began training at Helen O’Grady’s Drama Academy for two years, and now I’m learning a bit more about getting into film with Cooper Screen Academy.”

Thomas also serves as an altar boy at St Peter’s in New Norfolk, and is now regarded by his church community as a bit of a superstar.

Parish Priest, Fr Jaison Kuzhiyil, said the parish has thrown its support behind Thomas.

“We are all very excited to watch the series and support Tom.

“He serves faithfully as an altar server and reader in our Parish and is a positive and jovial part of our community.”

Although not giving too much of the plot away, Thomas said the character he plays in the series is integral to the storyline.

“I was essentially the person who joins the story altogether, so without my part, the story wouldn’t make sense.”

Thomas spent six days filming on set alongside The Night Managers Elizabeth Debicki and Love Child’s Matthew Le Nevez.

He said it was an amazing experience but couldn’t have done it without the support of his family.

“My family have been a really good support, just getting me down there, waking me up on time, stuff like that, really just supporting me all the way through,” he said.

With time on his side, Thomas said it’s too early to decide on his future career, but indicated a career in the performing arts.

“Definitely to become either a director or an actor. Maybe something small, I don’t really know yet.

“I’ve learned to just really enjoy it, and if you ever have another opportunity like that again, just jump on it, don’t leave it,” he said.