25 Years of Service Awards


As a community of Catholic Schools, we create a learning environment which provides for the unique needs of each student, encouraging them to reach their full potential.

We work in genuine partnership with our school staffs, parents, caregivers, teachers, parish, students and the wider community to ensure students can respond to the challenges of life.

Our students are richer for the experience of learning from dedicated, long-serving staff, and we take this opportunity to recognise, thank, and congratulate the following individuals who have dedicated 25 years to the service of educating and caring for Tasmanian Catholic School students.

Gaye Spencer – Dominic College
John Nogajski – Guilford Young College
Michelle Wall – Mount Carmel College
Maureen Fasnacht – Mount Carmel College
Joseph Sandric – St Aloysius Catholic College
Martin McManus – St Aloysius Catholic College
Anna Bombardieri – St Aloysius Catholic College
Gerard Cronly – St Aloysius Catholic College
Lee Owens – St Mary’s College
Sandra Faulkner – St Patrick’s College
Philip Hollingsworth – St Patrick’s College
David Mohr – St Patrick’s College
Roger Morgan – St Patrick’s College
Julie Williams – St Thomas More’s Catholic School

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