Elvio Brianese

Elvio Brianese (Dominic College Class of 1982)

Elvio Brianese (Dominic College Class of 1982) is one of Tasmania’s most celebrated architect/designers and founder of Liminal Studio, a multi-disciplinary practice working across many different aspects of design and architecture in Tasmania.

“When my mother was carrying me people would come up and touch her tummy and ask if she was carrying a boy or a girl. She would always reply that it was going to be an architect,” he said.

Elvio grew up in the suburbs of Hobart and spent his early formative years at Moonah Primary School, and then Dominic College which he credits with teaching him solid life values.

“The College nurtured our values and supported us very well. It was a family,” he said.

Elvio’s own family and local Church also played an important role in his upbringing.

“My grandmother was amazing, she almost had an open house, and it seemed most of the Italian migrants who came to Hobart stayed at our house. We would have a room with food and joy everywhere. We’d go to church, community was very important.”

Speaking at Dominic College’s 2014 International Men’s Day breakfast recently, Elvio explained that he was happy to see that many things had remained the same at his old school.

“The things that have remained the same at Dominic – the strong family values and great culture of the school – have been retained, while the improvements to the facilities and the learning environment have been very special, especially to me!”

Elvio’s Liminal Studio has worked on a number of projects that have improved facilities at Dominic College, including work on the school chapel, the Savio Centre and the new Savio Wing renovations.