Daniel Price

Alumni - Dominic College Class of 1999
Daniel Price

Daniel Price is chef with the newly developed Room for a Pony on the North Hobart restaurant strip after four years at T42.

Daniel’s family lived at Blackman’s Bay, and Daniel attended St Aloysius, Kingston, for primary school. His father was in sales, and his mother stayed home to raise five kids.

“Mum wanted to keep us Catholic so it was either St Virgil’s or Dominic, and Mum went for Dominic,” he said.

“I was the youngest, and I always had some interest in cooking. In Year 7 Home Economics I got an A for my scrambled eggs, which was positive reinforcement,” Daniel suggested. “I’m struggling to get an A for them now!

“We had a great friendship group at school. There was a dozen of us, who used to hang out at each other’s homes, and play sport together – a bit of everything: basketball, athletics… sport was popular and encouraged. I was good friends with Cameron Golding and his family was my second home.

“I went to GYC then straight out of College I did my teaching degree in Launceston, with Cameron and Aaron Davey. We all lived and worked together up there.

“I finished my degree and decided it wasn’t for me then, so I started my chef’s 4-year apprenticeship. I did a year with T42, then (with my then girlfriend) back to Launceston to Mud Bar and Restaurant on the water, a great modern Italian establishment.

“I went overseas for a few years working, and came back to Hobart and T42 for four more years, before this change to Room For A Pony. I’m renting with friends in West Hobart and love the comfortable style, enjoying camping, reading, talking with friends and life.

How do you become a chef?

“You must have the passion, the belief, the desire to produce and create. If not, you’ll get half way through and realise it’s too hard. It’s stressful, panicky and usually full-on. Passion!”

And Daniel’s number one tip for an A in scrambled eggs?

“More butter.”

The article originally appeared in Dominic College’s Veritas Magazine, and is reproduced with permission.