Enriching the lives of children the motivation for award winning teacher

Assistant principal, Samuel Morey, from St Paul’s Catholic school in Bridgewater, has won the prestigious University of Tasmania’s Teaching Excellence Award at the 2016 Tasmanian Young Achiever Awards on 8 April.

Mr Morey won the award from a strong list of nominees, including two other teachers from the Catholic education sector.

The twenty-eight year old says he credits his win to the supportive community around him.

“I feel like the award is an opportunity to congratulate the people and the communities that have nurtured me into the person I am today.

“I am very passionate about empowering young people and to improve student well-being, and do this by being a strong positive role model for the kids, energising them to think about their future aspirations,” he said.

Mr Morey began his teaching career as a PE teacher at St Therese’s Catholic Primary school in Moonah. Whilst there, he initiated extra-curricular programs designed to help students who suffered from anxiety and was awarded a Growing in Leadership: Emerging Leaders Award by the Australian Council of Educational Leaders.

“I’ve offered tutorials to help the students outside of school and I have really tried to trail blaze new programs and implement things that really look at improving student self-esteem and personal well-being,” he said.

In 2014, Mr Morey was appointed assistant principal at St Paul’s Catholic Primary school in Bridgewater where he continues to run his ‘Kickstart’ and ‘Accelerator’ programs.

He says the programs help to engage children and give them an opportunity to see what they can achieve in the future.

“I have been trying to instil into kids that no matter who you are and where you come from you can achieve personal success in the classroom and out in the wider community.

“I am really passionate about letting kids know that they are worthy and that they should take life by the scruff of their hands and really embrace every opportunity they get,” he said.

Mr Morey continues to volunteer his time coaching and facilitating soccer, basketball, and athletics at St Therese’s and has been appointed mentor and talent development coach with Athletics Tasmania.

The two other finalists from the Catholic education sector were Jordana Schmidt from St James’ Catholic College in Cygnet, and Kate Merry from St Brendan-Shaw College in Devonport.