School and parish working together – Sacrament of Baptism

This year, the Huon Valley Parish and Sacred Heart Catholic School in Geeveston have introduced a new Sacramental initiative.  A number of parents within the school community were keen for their children to be baptised as a Catholic.  Under the guidance of Parish Priest, Fr Michael Tate and with the great support of Sacred Heart Catholic School teachers; Ryan Kinder and Shae Longey, a Baptism preparation program was established.  Parents and children attended regular Sacramental preparation sessions held at the school.

Recently our candidates were baptised at St Mary of the Cross Catholic Church in Ranelagh.  The candidates being baptised were well supported by the parish community.  The baptisms took place during the Mass and the ceremony was indeed a truly spiritual and uplifting experience for all involved.  Fr Tate certainly made every candidate feel very special and involved parents and godparents very well in the Baptism ceremony.

Congratulations to our Baptism candidates: Jack, Annie, Lucy, Sebastian, Alexandra, Charlotte, Lucy and Trudy.  They all participated so well throughout the ceremony.  May their lives be blessed through the Sacrament of Baptism and being welcomed into God’s family.

Special thanks to everyone who made this Baptism celebration a truly special one for all involved.

By Luch Brighella, Principal, Sacred Heart Catholic School.