Bev Fletcher

Award: Outstanding Service as an Employee within Catholic Education
Bev Fletcher

Beverley Fletcher is looking forward to travelling as she nears her retirement. She’s already travelled extensively and has just returned from spending time with her son in Japan during the school holidays. She’s been very active in school and community life in the last thirty years at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School in Devonport.

“I have no idea how long I’ve been here as it’s been such a joy to work here every day,” she said.

Beverley has had several roles including Assistant Principal and Curriculum Co-ordinator; she began a ‘Little Treasures’ program for birth to four year olds and has taught Kindergarten, Prep. and Grade One. Beverley is currently teaching Kindergarten three days a week, and enjoys watching children develop when they learn something new.

Beverley was born in Launceston and spent her early life there. She began teaching because she always wanted to do it and she was inspired by her grade ten teacher and other teachers to train as a Kindergarten teacher, which she did at the TCAE (now UTAS) in Launceston. Now she is able to mentor new teachers and enjoys working in teaching teams and planning together with her colleagues.

Beverley is a member of the Mersey Leven Parish and has been involved in ministry at Sacred Heart Church in Ulverstone. The children in Beverley’s class at Our Lady of Lourdes love going to the church with Sr Carmel and Fr Mike; they love Godly Play and Bible stories. Beverley says that when students choose a book to read in their quiet times, the Bible is the book many of the children pick. Morning Prayer is a highlight of the day. The children choose someone to pray for, often a sick friend or someone who is away.

Catholic schools and teachers like Beverley put Bible values into practice. They show and teach respect, fairness and justice, they support families and students, they never give up on anyone and they treat disadvantaged students the same as everyone else.

Beverley Fletcher is well-deserving of the Award for Outstanding Service as an Employee within Catholic Education.