Christine Donnelly, Dominic College

2016 Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission Recognition Awards: Outstanding Service as an employee within Catholic Education

Over the past 31 years Christine Donnelly has dedicated herself to supporting students and staff at Dominic College and the broader Catholic education system in her role as a Teacher Librarian.

Receiving her award this week, Ms Donnelly said it was unexpected.

“I feel very honored to be receiving this unexpected award for Outstanding Service as an Employee within Catholic Education. I have always felt at home wherever in Dominic College I have been working, always trying to achieve the best outcomes for the College Library in particular.”

Ms Donnelly’s career coincided with a time of significant change in resources required by schools and the use of libraries, so Ms Donnelly made it her mission to update and develop its resources.

Whilst working at Dominic College she developed the text book loan system, and in 1995 was responsible for the automation of the text book loan system and the library.

“I have always been motivated by a desire to provide the best service and resources that I can with what is available, and feel very strongly that all should have the same access and opportunities, wherever possible.

“I have always worked to achieve services and a structure that served the needs of teachers and students,” she said.

From 1998 Christine took on the role of Information Technology Teacher for Year 7 and 8 students and in 2002 updated the Library System software and database and implemented the College facilities booking system.

She has transitioned the Dominic College library from a manual operating system to a modern, complex networking system providing easy access and management through digital records.

“Any change in technology contains both good and bad, but once integrated the new system contains great advantages over the old.

“Each change has given us more flexibility and access to the resources we have available. As practices and needs have changed, so have the Library staff’s response to these changed conditions, especially innovations in technology which make possible access to functionality that was almost unthinkable back at the start, “ she said.

Ms Donnelly continues to share her love of books and literature with students, engaging and inspiring them through her work in establishing the Readers Cup Competition for students in years 5 to 8, the promotion of book week and teaching Asian literacy to kinder to year 6 students.