Simone McManus, Guilford Young College

2016 Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission Recognition Awards: Exemplary Contribution to Catholic Education
Simone McManus

Inspiring young adults to connect with the Catholic faith has been the mission of longstanding Catholic educator Simone McManus.

And her efforts have just been recognised, after receiving an award from the Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission for her exemplary contribution to Catholic Education on August 18.

Ms McManus said the award should be shared with the many others who have supported her along her twenty-five year journey.

“I feel genuinely humbled to receive an award for service to Catholic Education.

I can think of many, many hardworking employees in Catholic Education who would be worthy of an award who work quietly behind the scenes.

For all of those folk who have helped me along the way over the last 25 years – it is really your award too, and I am very appreciative.”

Ms McManus currently works as a teacher and Director of Ministry at Guilford Young College.

She said working within the Catholic education system continues to challenge and inspire her.

“Teaching keeps me engaged with the world and its rapid change, it encourages me to be invested in the future and outward looking. It assists me to keep positive and hopeful because the young people I meet need encouragement and to have their gifts named and developed.

“It is true to say that every young person I have ever taught has taught me something too. I can’t imagine a more challenging, interactive, dynamic and complex job than teaching,” she said.

Ms McManus was also nominated for her contribution to co-curricular activities for students, such as being involved in College musicals, Relay for Life, the World’s Greatest Shave Events and the Coordinator of button selling for charities.

“I realise that I have had a very privileged life and if I can utilise the generosity of a school community to fundraise for worthy causes or be involved in community outreach then that is a practical way of living out my faith,” she said.

She has also been generous in sharing her time and expertise with the broader Catholic education system by working as a writer of the Religious Education Curriculum, and assisted with planning for the inaugural Catholic Student Conference, which has assisted with the planning for major liturgical events for schools and parishes.